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Having a regularly scheduled checkup and cleaning, (recare), appointment is the single best step you can take to prevent more painful and costly oral health problems…Click here to see more
We offer a range of services including standard general dentistry procedures…Click here to see more
As the name would imply, a filling replaces parts of the tooth that have been removed, restoring the function, and often times the aesthetics of the tooth…Click here to see more
Advance Dental Group welcomes children, teens and patients of all ages to our practice…Click here to see more
Implants are quickly becoming the preferred method to treat tooth loss over bridges because the teeth on either side of the space don’t need to be prepared to support the bridge…Click here to see more
Prosthetic dentistry refers to a broad category of dental procedures that return function and aesthetics to a patient’s mouth…Click here to see more
Regardless of the cause, crown and bridge options are available to return a person’s mouth to the beauty and functionality that it once had…Click here to see more
There are a number of reasons why a person may want to consider having veneers placed on their teeth including chipping, wear, spaces, stain, rotations and crowding…Click here to see more
Cosmetic dentistry is a broad term that covers a wide range of procedures, including; white fillings, orthodontics, gum re-contouring, whitening, veneers, componeers, porcelain crowns and even surgery…Click here to see more
Full Mouth Rehabilitation usually involves re-building a patients bite, (occlusion), while returning function and aesthetics…Click here to see more
When administered properly, Botox Cosmetic effectively relaxes and prevents contraction of the muscles of facial expression substantially reducing the signs of wrinkles…Click here to see more
Bite guards for everything from sports to sleeping are a great solution to protect teeth and reduce wear and tear, prolonging your smile…Click here to see more