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“I have been very fortunate to provide treatment to many fantastic patients in our community. I would like to thank these patients for entrusting their oral health and cosmetic care to us. As a practice, we are constantly striving to provide our patients with better dental health and results. Please enjoy viewing this small sample of the work I have completed in my career as a dentist.”

Andrew Macdonnell
D.M.D., M.Sc., B.Sc.

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“When I suffered a traumatic blow to the face right before Christmas I called Dr. Macdonnell who came in on his holidays to reset my bite. I had broken the hard palette and needed a temporary splint for my 4 front teeth as well as three root canals. Dr. Macdonnell and his staff were amazing and made sure that I had the support I needed while healing and was 100% happy with the final result. The women at the desk were so accommodating with appointments when I needed to come in on short notice, and they worked wonders in getting my coverage approved. Dr. Macdonnell and his staff really went above and beyond to ensure that I got my Christmas wish…. All I wanted was my two front teeth.”

Thank You,

Kate Shelly

Trauma, Crowns, and Veneers

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