Smile Portfolio

“I have been very fortunate to provide treatment to many fantastic patients in our community. I would like to thank these patients for entrusting their oral health and cosmetic care to us. As a practice, we are constantly striving to provide our patients with better dental health and results. Please enjoy viewing this small sample of the work I have completed in my career as a dentist.”

Andrew Macdonnell
D.M.D., M.Sc., B.Sc.

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“I am so pleased that I followed Dr. MacDonnell’s advice and went ahead with my new porcelain crowns. They look and feel wonderful. I now have a much nicer and fuller smile without any gaps or uneven teeth. I was also surprised with how natural they look and feel. The colour is perfect, not too bright and no one would ever realize that they are actually crowns as they look so natural. The procedure was quite straight forward and without any problems or discomfort. I also haven’t experienced any inflammation or sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.
My bite is spot on and they feel like my own teeth only smoother. Thank you very much Dr. MacDonnell for making such a great improvement to my smile.”


Irma Milsom

Whitening, and Porcelain Veneers.